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Caving in the Picos de Europa
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Caving in the Picos de Europa

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This is the Picos de Europa home page. The Picos de Europa is a rugged mountainous region in north Spain and also a great caving area! The area has a number of deep caves, including sima del Trave, the 5th deepest in the world.

These pages are constantly under construction and I'm alway looking out for the latest Picos news, cave surveys etc, so if you have anything that should be included, let me know. I'd love to hear from anyone who can help add to these pages (full credit given of course). Thanks to the following who have helped:

Eric Elguero, Xavier Pennec, Eric Madeleine, Mark Bown, J Paul Thorlby, Steve Roberts, Jim Ramsden, Gavin Lowe, Andrew Brooks, Sean Butler, Andy Waddington, Teresa Molina, Ricardo Giminez, Hollan Nicolas, Javier Lario, Dani Alegre, Josep Guarro Safont, Carlos Puch, Javier Lusarreta, David Maragliano, Chris Gibson (& the Llambrión Llads), Marek Jedrzejcak, Zapala and friends

Any suggestions/contributions for these pages are welcome.

I've started adding cave info files. The quickest way to get to these is from the deepest caves list. These files are linked to surveys where they are available. Not all are complete as yet so bear with me. Also I've recently added more surveys and I hope to get some pictures soon. Check out new additions to the central Picos section and the latest Picos news updates from Javier Lario.

Picos de Europa links

  • A visitors guide to the Picos
  • Kiko is a guide in the Picos de Europa - check out his pages
  • The Asturias Home Page has more info about this region
  • Ian Edmondson has some Picos pictures
  • Oxford University Cave Club Picos stuff:

    Special Notice from Jim Thomson to anyone who has ever been involved with exploration of of Cueva del Agua, Tresviso, Easterm Massif

    A reunion is being planned for the year 2000 to celebrate 25 years exploration in the cave. All welcome. Contact me in Spain for more details. Jim Thomson

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