The Northern Pennine Club reports
  "The trans-Iberian express" or The wine in Spain fall mainly in the Pennine
NPC Journal 4(1) Jan 1987. Spain 1985

  "For whom the cow bell lolls" or The Pennines´s return to Spain 1986
NPC Journal 4(1) Jan 1987. Spain 1986

  "Pictures in a spanish expedition"
NPC Newsletter 18. October 1987. Spain 1987

  "Spagain" or Tilting at Windmills and still learning nothing
NPC Newsletter 24. April 1989. Spain 1998

  "A brief History of the Pennine way in Spain"
NPC Newsletter 50. Feb 2000

  "The Spanish circle"
NPC Newsletter 53. March 2001
  documento de Dani donde nos resume su actividad en la expedición del 2000
Northern Pennine Club Expedition to the Picos de Europa, September 2000